The Nature of Everything

“We are so used to the rational surface of our world that we cannot imagine anything untoward happening within the confines of common sense.” – C. G. Jung

The Star Inside You

Looking up to the sky on a clear dark night, with clear eyes alone, the expansiveness of the universe is clear.  It is easy to lose yourself within this expanse, the shapes of the bright shiny specks shifting from one formation to another in your mind. Continue reading…

Our Belief of Knowledge

To start at the beginning, we ask ourselves where our beliefs come from, and without going on a philosophical tangent, the basis for our beliefs is knowledge.  We learn things from experience, school, friends, family, research, the list goes on; then we take the things that we learn and form opinions about the world.  Continue reading…

The Scientific Disconnect

For most of us, our daily routines don’t require much thinking about the inter-workings of the world.  We (as evolved modern citizens) like to keep busy in an effort not to feel like we aren’t productive, and during all the busyness, we tend to forget about the little things [like breathing].  Continue reading…

An Imaginary World

From the moment human beings are born, we are bombarded with rules.  As children, we are taught to go to bed at a certain time, eat certain foods (and certain amounts of foods); when we reach a specific age, we go to school – generally, we are taught: “shut up, listen, and learn”.   Then, at the magical age of sixteen (at least in America), we are gifted the rules of the road, and it feels like freedom.  Continue reading…

Love is in the Air

If you were asked to describe your perfect partner what would come to your mind?  You might be able to picture their face, hair, and height.  You likely could list off their best traits; maybe you could list off their career, status, and even favorite leisure activity. But you would likely be missing a key describing factor.  The truth in our search for love could very well be right under our noses, quite literally in the air we breathe. Continue reading…

Hints from our Ancestors

Why do we gorge on delicious food until we feel like we are going to explode?  Why is the divorce rate in America so high?  Why are we more afraid of snakes than cars?  And what do these questions have in common? Continue reading…

In addition to posting articles and essays, I am compiling a list of topics and questions driving my journey. These questions are meant to provoke thought and will be the inspiration for future posts.

“Smaller things making larger entities with new defining properties, is the basic way our world is organized and ultimately reveals our deepest connections to the universe, solar system, and planet” – Neil Shubin

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