The Star Inside You

Looking up to the sky on a clear dark night, with clear eyes alone, the expansiveness of the universe is clear.  It is easy to lose yourself within this expanse, the shapes of the bright shiny specks shifting from one formation to another in your mind; sitting with your child and pointing out the bigContinue reading “The Star Inside You”

Hints from our Ancestors

Why do we gorge on delicious food until we feel like we are going to explode?  Why is the divorce rate in America so high?  Why are we more afraid of snakes than cars?  And what do these questions have in common? The answer is very possibly inside our DNA. Evolutionary psychologists study the answersContinue reading “Hints from our Ancestors”

An Imaginary World

From the moment human beings are born, we are bombarded with rules.  As children, we are taught to go to bed at a certain time, eat certain foods (and certain amounts of foods); when we reach a specific age, we go to school – generally, we are taught: “shut up, listen, and learn”.   Then, atContinue reading “An Imaginary World”

Love is in the Air

If you were asked to describe your perfect partner what would come to your mind?  You might be able to picture their face, hair, and height.  You likely could list off their best traits; maybe their career, status, and even favorite leisure activity. But you would likely be missing a key describing factor.  The truthContinue reading “Love is in the Air”

The Scientific Disconnect

In my family growing up, we prayed before we ate.  We thanked God for the food that he provided, and for the moment we were able to share eating as a family.  If I go to my grandma’s house for dinner, we still pray before we eat, but these days the pre-dinner prayers have foundContinue reading “The Scientific Disconnect”

Our Belief of Knowledge

We are living amid a pandemic, political opposition, and a cry for social justice.  The air is filled with fear, ignorance, and impenetrable beliefs coming from every angle.  We don’t understand each other.  At the same time, if we look deep enough, it seems that most people can feel some connection to others in theContinue reading “Our Belief of Knowledge”